Thank you to my Supporters

Eagan, Minn – The DFL Second Congressional District Convention was held Saturday, April 26th in South Saint Paul. After 7 hours of business and voting, the DFLers in the 2nd District endorsed Mike Obermueller as our candidate for 2014 to take on Rep. John Kline this November. I cannot thank my family, volunteers and supporters enough for their countless hours of service to the campaign and passionate advocacy on behalf of the issues that this this campaign has championed. I also want to thank the DFLers around the 2nd District for welcoming me into their local DFL communities. It has been a true pleasure getting to know so many devoted progressives.

Now as we move on to the general election, I ask all of you to do your part to defeat John Kline this November. Please visit to get involved in Mike’s campaign. I have gotten to know Mike well over the past year and I can attest that he is a strong civic-minded candidate with much to offer this district, but he can only win with your support. Do your part and get involved!

Thanks again, Tom

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Candidate Forum Held in Red Wing


From Karolinas Camera 180

Red Wing, MINN. – On Saturday, the Craft for Congress campaign participated in a Veterans Forum for candidates seeking the DFL endorsement to take on Rep John Kline in November. The event was organized by CD2 Vice Chair Don Slaten and Outreach and Inclusion Officer Terry Friedrichs and was held at the Red Wing Public Library.

Tom Craft (D), a candidate seeking the DFL endorsement to challenge Rep John Kline (R), said, “It was a great opportunity for Democrats across the district to compare and question the candidates in a very open and direct way. While everyone respects John Kline’s military service, I believe that there are policy areas that are important to vets that he isn’t leading on and I plan to talk about that in the general election.” Craft specified areas such as wait times for veterans to receive mental health care at VA clinics, a massive backlog of disability claims, and Kline’s disposition to support military action as a first resort as legitimate topics for debate during the general election campaign.

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Come Out To Caucus!

This coming Tuesday (February 4) evening from 7 – 9 PM, every Democrat in the Second Congressional District will be given a tangible opportunity to help shape the future of our party. Whether you have never attended a caucus before or if you have been caucusing for decades, this is your chance to influence the party platform, build the local party units, and to support your favorite candidate. Our caucus page has a short video on what to expect at the caucuses and a link to help you find your local precinct caucus location. If you do attend, I hope that I can count on your support as a delegate. We can win this seat in November, but to get there I need your help.

As the old Harry Truman quote goes, ‘Decisions are made by those that show up.’ Here is your chance to ‘show up.’ Take it, and help build the party and country we all deserve!


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Campaign Hires Field Director


Craft For Congress Hires Field Director

Eagan, MINN.— The Craft for Congress campaign is excited to announce it has recently hired experienced field organizer Daniel Cox to lead the campaign for the DFL party endorsement.

Coming fresh from working in the City Council elections, Mr. Cox built his skills as an organizer working to successfully defeat the 2012 amendment against the right for all Minnesotans to marry who they choose.

He brings a new energy to the campaign as it builds towards the party’s selection of the candidate most suited to defeating John Kline in 2014.

Media contact: Drew Mahowald, (320)


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‘Background Checks Should Be Extended to All Gun Sales’

Sun Thisweek - Guest Column Published October 31, 2013

Today if you go to Cabela’s or any licensed gun dealer in Minnesota to buy a gun, the store is required by law to run a 90-second background check to ensure that you don’t have a criminal history or a severe mental illness. According to the FBI, this simple but important process has kept guns out of the hands of 2 million prohibited purchasers since 1998.

And while we know how many times a red flag in someone’s history has blocked a sale, it’s impossible to know how many lives the critical law enforcement tool has saved. In short, the background check system is quick, effective, and it protects the rights of law-abiding citizens to own firearms.

The problem is that we leave the saturated markets for guns online and at gun shows completely unregulated. That means these same dangerous people that failed a background check at Cabela’s can go on Craigslist or to a gun show and purchase weapons from private sellers without any questions asked. The evidence shows they quite often do. Read More »

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New Polling Shows Democrat Defeating Kline in 2014

Washington, D.C. – New polling conducted by Public Policy Polling for House Majority PAC confirms that Rep. John Kline’s seat is firmly in-play for 2014. The polling shows a 10% margin of victory for a Democratic challenger over Kline if the election was held today, and a meager 32% favorability rating for the embattled congressman.

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Now Hiring Campaign Staff

The Craft for Congress Campaign is now accepting applications for the positions of Campaign Manager and Field Organizer/Director.

An ideal candidate will meet the following criteria. However, consideration
will be given to other highly motivated applicants.

  • Has a high energy, accountable, and motivated attitude
  • Has managed or worked on a congressional or state-wide campaign
  • Has developed and executed endorsement strategy for a contested DFL endorsement
  • Has demonstrable experience with field organizing and volunteer management
  • Has finance experience (filed FEC reports, assisted with call time, etc)
  • Believes in progressive values and generally aligned with Tom’s issues
  • Willing to work standard campaign hours (evenings, weekends, etc)
  • Has personal or professional connections in MN CD2
  • Has experience seeking and navigating labor and PAC endorsements
  • Willing to start immediately

Please see attachment below for more details. All inquiries may be directed to or to Drew @ 320-290-3411.


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Video: Craft Announces Candidacy for U.S. Congress

Thomas Craft Announces Candidacy for U.S. Congress

St. Paul – Standing in the Capitol rotunda, Thomas Craft, 30, of Eagan, announced his candidacy for the 2nd Congressional District seat currently held by Republican John Kline. Craft will seek the Democratic Party’s endorsement in his campaign to unseat the incumbent in the 2014 midterm election.

Craft said the current dysfunction in Congress drove him to take action.

“Our country faces great problems – real problems – that need serious, dedicated leaders to solve,” he said. “If we had that kind of leadership in Congress today, then we wouldn’t be facing the mess we are in.”

Craft said he hopes to restore accountability in Congress by answering to constituents instead of lobbyists. He said that if elected, the first piece of legislation he intends to bring to the floor will “give the American people a voice” to bring about a constitutional convention in hopes of resolving many critical issues facing the country today including personal privacy, money in politics and limits on presidential powers. Read More »

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Craft to announce candidacy for U.S. Congress

Please join us Saturday, July 13th at 11:00 am for Tom’s announcement regarding his intention to seek the Democratic endorsement for Congress in Minnesota’s Second Congressional District. Tom’s campaign will ensure that Rep. John Kline is made to account for his lack of results and political gamesmanship in Congress. Come out to meet him and hear how he plans to turn the Second District blue in 2014. See you there!


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